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Pro. Touch Institution has emerged in 2002, to become as one of the distinguished media institutions in the region, supervised by a professional staff of an elite group of sound & lighting engineers and graphic designers, who put at the forefront of their priorities building a solid working relationship based on principles of partnership in both interests and goals.
Pro. Touch was keen to provide a variety of comprehensive services in the field of sound, lighting, display screens and design, in addition to other services.
The institution was formally registered in the Ministry of Trade and Investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a commercial register number 1122005442, dated on 09/05/1436 AH and under a commercial name (Pro Touch Trading Institution).

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Our message:

Providing various services in the area of media and audio, distinguished with professionalism, perfection, and the exploitation of advanced technology.

Our vision:

Harnessing all the potentials and capabilities for making the success of any work we do, to be partners of success, not only implementers, and to help our customers in making the success of their conferences, celebrations and events, relying in this on the experience of our staff in various fields.

Our goal:

Expanding the scope of work, being the first choice for our clients, building strong relationships and working with one team spirit with our customers.


Giant display screens

. The institution has giant display screens (high-resolution) of different sizes to suit your needs and occasions…

Lighting and visual effects

Lighting is an important component of theatrical performance and chorus presentations. The lighting highlights countless aesthetics through its use of color, its gradients, spots

Live directing of parties.

The Institution is pleased to provide the live directing service for your parties and broadcast them through various means of transmission, or live broadcasts, in addition to recording the celebration and the occasion in HD 4K technology

Equipping theaters and preparing events

The Institution has implemented many theaters at the level of KSA, various events, sports finals, and launching projects and agreements…

Documenting conferences and parties

Pro. Touch Institution has a professional staff to document conferences, events and parties… The staff is committed to bringing it out with outstanding quality and the latest technology in this field.

Install advanced sound systems

The Institution is one of the pioneering institutions in sound preparation, installation, supply, sale and leasing.

Montage (Editing) and presentations

Do not worry after photographing your event; we are the one who taking the next step. We have a special section of montage, which depends on the experience of its staff, their artistic .sense and their ability to reproduce the scenes in order to look familiar

Design, magazines, books and brochures

A team of technical innovators to create the vision and visual identity for your organization and your celebration are ready to fulfill your requests.

Giving attention to mosques

Pro. Touch pays great attention to theس maintenance and preparation of mosques, in terms of sound systems and monitoring devices.

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